Advantage – The Bigger Picture

I think we had a lot of concerned delegates when they arrived and saw the paint pots, the brushes and blank canvas.

However, they got into the spirit of the workshop and I think they, themselves, were surprised, not only at the outcome but, also, the manner in which it drew them together (pardon the pun!).

I thought it was a great icebreaking exercise and certainly caused a lot of discussion and effort. The evening session was, as usual, great fun and highly entertaining.

You have never failed us yet in all the different events you have participated in with us over the years, and I think that is very much down to the detail in which you present these events, the professionalism and the team that you bring together for each programme.

I would just like to thank you most sincerely on behalf of all the team at Advantage and the Focus Champion delegates for a fantastic two days. And the venue certainly provided the kind of backdrop that ensured that all of our participants went away happy, motivated and very much feeling part of a team.

Very best wishes and thanks to all those who took part from PFE.

Ken McLeod
Corporate Director

Advantage – I’m Not A Celebrity

What can I say? You and your teams´ contribution to the conference was absolutely fantastic. I think the reaction to Monday night´s “I´m Not a Celebrity” went even better than we all thought.

Also, I have to thank you for directing the “Just a Minute” session so well. It was great fun and, again, went better than we could have expected. The audience seemed to really enjoy it and the feedback we have had has all been complimentary.

So a very successful conference and your efforts went a long way to helping towards that success. Very many thanks to you and all your team.


Ken McLeod
Corporate Director

Adding to Ken´s comments, I thought the entertainment you provided was first class and so much fun. It was event better than I expected and to keep 200 people entertained and involved over a long period of time was excellent and is a tribute to your professionalism..

Nicky Appleby
Conference & Events Executive

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